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Business spaces

Strategic location in Rr.Kavajës

In the widest commercial street in Tirana

Rruga.Kavajës is one of the most strategic areas in Tirana for business activity. Not only is the area close to Skenderbey Square, but it is also a hot
spot for companies in all business sectors.
A place where the most important operational activities take place, where you can attract the attention of potential customers and qualified employees, improve your recognition and reputation in the market or increase long-term relationships with your partners. With a strategic location, the company’s long-term goals & success are easier to achieve.

Good location decisions can significantly boost your company’s long-term performance, optimize the work life balance and make it more accessible to your potential customers. Don’t miss the opportunity that Galeria Roma offers for a long term success, good reputation and high growth potential.

& visibility




zyre tek rruga e kavajes

Offices & shops in the epicenter of business activity with potential growth opportunities and all the modern residential facilities at your disposal.

business space in the center of tirana
business space in tirana
zyre ne qender te Tiranes

Open floor plans, abundant natural light, modern residential facilities,
in the edge of Rr.Kavajes and with open view to Skanderbeg Square.

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